Books and Papers Tomás Swett 10.11.2013

Rethinking Office Building Typology

Current office designs lack consideration of climatic factors, urban context and new technologies. The result is a global office building typology with high demand of energy but little response to new working activities, workspace requirements or the physical context. All these factors must be considered in the design process, being essential the review of current office building typologies....See more

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Books and Papers Tomás Swett 25.08.2013

The Vertical Green Facades in Office Buildings

The current energy consumption of office building is worrying. One of the main factors is the cooling system demanded to achieve comfortable spaces. In Continental Mediterranean climates, this demand is increasing by the climatic factors. The high heat gains in offices building aggravate even more this problem. Thus, the efficient and adaptability of facades are highly relevant to decrease the...See more

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Books and Papers Tomás Swett 25.04.2012

Evolution of Working Environments in Office Buildings

A high percentage of world´s energy consumption is used up by office building, being its design a key factor in the current environmental problem. This fact make urgent to rethink the design and technical strategies used nowadays and the real effects and requirements of new technologies in the building configuration, office layouts and comfort parameters. The aims of this research paper were to...See more

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