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Between Courtyards_House

Lo Barnechea, Santiago
340 m²
Architects: Enrique Browne C., Tomás Swett A., Collaborating Architect: Alejandro Armstrong R.
Client: Edesio Carrasco y Luz María Silva
Structural Engineer: Eduardo Rodríguez
Building Company: DOMO

The design originates from the reformulation of the patio-house typology and the search of grouping the different rooms in a house into blocks according to their level of privacy, their hours of use, their temperature requirements and views (Fig. 1 Design Process). Between these blocks two essential spaces in a house were defined. The entrance hall which divides and communicates the public areas from the more private rooms; and the family room, an undefined space that congregates everyday family life.

Next to these spaces, several themed patios are proposed which appear to extend these spaces´ limits and use (Fig. 2 Initial Sketch Floor Plan). This way, the house is composed out of four blocks. Three of them are made of ventilated brickwork and a central one of two stories made of reinforced concrete, which articulates and defines the different patios, Entrance Hall and Family Room, giving direction to the house´s main access. The height of each block is ascending, in the places where more rooms are grouped, the volume rises in height and viceversa; looking to diminish the energy demands and gain in comfort (Fig. 3 Initial Sketch Volumes).

Volume A, has south orientation towards the street, and contains the service areas, kitchen and a future guest room. Volume B contains the living and dining room as one unique continuous space that opens up to the main backyard (north) and patio (south). In Volume C, the children´s dormitories and bathroom are located, west-oriented in search of the morning sun. Lastly, Volume D, is directed towards the best view (Andean Range), with the master bedroom in first floor and a studio-library in the second floor. In the front yard, a geometric loose figure is proposed that contains the service patio and defines the parking area and entrance.

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  • Drone View


  • Design Process

  • Initial Sketch - Floor Plan

  • Physic Model´s process

  • Daylight Analysis

  • Street View


  • Access


  • Garden View


  • Living and Main´s Blocks


  • Play courtyard


  • Kitcken Coutyard


  • Terrace

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  • Material

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  • Hall


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  • Library


  • Family Room


  • Aerial View


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  • 1st Level

    1. Pedestrian and Vehicular Entrance / 2. Main Entrance / 3. Hall / 4. Kitchen / 5. Living-Dining Room / 6. Dining Room Patio / 7. Terrace / 8. Service Area / 9. Service Patio / 10. Family Room / 11. Family Room Patio /12. Master Bedroom / 13. Main Bathroom-Closet 7 14. Backyard / 15. Secondary Bathrooms / 16. Secondary Bedrooms

  • 2nd Level

    17. Library

  • Section 1

  • Section 2

  • Section 3

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